First photobook published by Bananafish: A r i a 空气 · 咏叹调

2011 / 07 / 18

Bananafish Books is very proud to announce it’s first publication, A r i a, a new photobook by Chen Siran which is also the first book of the photographer.

A r i a: melody of air.

There are 30 images accompanied by three letters written by Siran. Together they are trying to relocate a passing past. Each small peculiarity indicates its weak and fake side, while all creates a countless power to face reality, an infinite world around us.

The book is released under the name of our publisher: A Perfect Book. More info please visit:

Chen Siran is a female photographer currently living and working in the city of Beijing.

A r i a 空气 · 咏叹调


来自香蕉鱼书店及其背后的香蕉鱼影像书籍出版社A Perfect Book的夏天制作,陈思然的个人摄影作品集。


New Arrival: Taciturn Heart

2011 / 07 / 03

摄影师Marcelo Gomes以模糊为摄影语言,将摄影主题如一朵彩色的花朵般绽放,盛开。Marcelo的摄影以虚静为美,失焦或是偏移的创作手法,如在无声的交流,沉默寡言的心,摄影师的心。


The photographs of Marcelo Gomes are not classical or rooted in formalism; rather, they disembark from the tropes of photography and enter an extraordinary realm of spontaneity and reconfiguration of frame. Often out of focus and off centered, the subjects of phenomena, humans, and nature are captured with remarkable vibrancy and colorful hues. Taciturn Heart is Gomes’ second book.

摄影师介绍:Marcelo Gomes,生于巴西的年轻摄影师。2003年移居纽约后,任职于Index magazine。工作中认识了自己的摄影导师Mark Borthwick,之后开始自由摄影师的工作,并形成自己独特的摄影风格。Taciturn Heart是独立出版社hassla为Marcelo Gomes出版的第二本书。第一本为Love and Before, Green and After

Born in Brazil, Marcelo lives and works in New York. He attended the University of Iowa on a full athletic scholarship (basketball) and graduated with a B. A. in Political Science. In 2003 Marcelo moved to New York and began working at Index Magazine where he met photographer Mark Borthwick. He assisted Mark for two years before starting to shoot on his own in 2008.

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