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Greetings from Friend: Jia Za Zhi

2011 / 12 / 05

Our best friend Jia Za Zhi is a Beijing based indie photobooks & magazine publisher. The opening of Bananafish Books was featured on his art blog few days ago. It really means a lot for us.

The photobook publishing culture in China mainland right now only stays in a small group and it needs to be spread so badly. We do feel lonely. We need more intercommunications and helps. While we feel happy Jia Za Zhi is here.

Thank you Di.

more about Jia Za Zhi please visit: and . Do check out his blog, an amazing blogzine on poetic PHOTOGRAPHY in & near China, plus other Beauties.

Greetings from Friends: Artzine & Nieves Books

2011 / 12 / 05

Artzine ( has posted an article about the opening of our store. Thank you Moritz! And our’s all the time adored friend Nieves also reported Bananfish Books’ new store both through its flickr and twitter (@nievesbooks)

We will also spend more time on our Facebook page and Twitter. Please follow us to know our latest news and spread it to your friends. Thank you so much.

小型art zine出版社Gloria Glitzer 的出版人Moritz在他的artzine.de艺术摄影书和zine文化资讯网站对香蕉鱼书店的开业做了一个报道。还有我们都很喜爱尊敬的Nieves也在他的Twitter和Flickr上也分享了我们开业的消息了呢。真是高兴!

And we will update some photos on our website soon. Please wait for a while.