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印刷术与印刷书 主题活动

2012 / 07 / 03

Bananafish Books together with Pausebread Press was invited to take part in [Printing techs and Printing books] held by Dukou Bookstore in Shanghai from June 21-June 24.

Wei presented us the concept of Risograph printing and Gocco Printing at the event and he also printed our little bear on the tote bag with gocco. What a wonderful experience to get together and communicate with you ! Thank you for coming by. more photos here.

March Zines

2012 / 03 / 16

What we have been doing this month: three new zines published by A Perfect Book. The whole printing was supported by our printing studio Pausebread Press. They are:

Backyard by Wei Guan
home/away by Jimi Franklin
No One Knows Time by He Yiman

Edition of 100 and only 50 copies will be sold just on Bananafish Books’ online shop. Others are for our non-profit project: Bananafish Zine Project artist zine supporting plan since 2012. Events like pop-up shop, worldwide exhibitions, art book fair, etc., we will take them around.

Bananafish Books Pin

2011 / 11 / 11



For the mémoire of building our little bananafish pool, we made a lovely pin : the bear and the perfect day for bananafish. If you come to the shop with this pin, we will know you are not a stranger, you are our friends. And you will receive a present from us.

for international buyers, please email us first:

A Perfect Day

2011 / 10 / 11

This summer, Wei and I handmade a video for Bananafish Books’ promotion.

First photobook published by Bananafish: A r i a 空气 · 咏叹调

2011 / 07 / 18

Bananafish Books is very proud to announce it’s first publication, A r i a, a new photobook by Chen Siran which is also the first book of the photographer.

A r i a: melody of air.

There are 30 images accompanied by three letters written by Siran. Together they are trying to relocate a passing past. Each small peculiarity indicates its weak and fake side, while all creates a countless power to face reality, an infinite world around us.

The book is released under the name of our publisher: A Perfect Book. More info please visit:

Chen Siran is a female photographer currently living and working in the city of Beijing.

A r i a 空气 · 咏叹调


来自香蕉鱼书店及其背后的香蕉鱼影像书籍出版社A Perfect Book的夏天制作,陈思然的个人摄影作品集。



2011 / 05 / 18

children’s day=a perfect day

To celebrate the first children’s day of my little crying tomato, I designed this tiny card for our bookstore customers. From now on till the end of May, buy books from our bananafish shopping website, you will get the card for free.


从即日起至5月31日,在香蕉鱼书店网站购物满60元,即可随书或杂货获得我们特别制作的[a perfect day]小卡片。今天可是逮香蕉鱼的好日子哟!


2011 / 04 / 25

We made a mother’s day card for bananafish customers. Buy books from now on till 6th, May, you will get this card. Write some sweet words by yourself on the card, send greetings and love to your mum.

2011年5月8日,母亲节。香蕉鱼书店特别制作了一批母亲节卡片(水彩画 by 苏菲)送给这段期间至5月6日购书的顾客们。购书满100元即可获得。自己用笔写上一句[我爱你,妈妈。]。


2011 / 04 / 23

The Package presentation from Bananafish Zakka.


2011 / 03 / 22






2011 / 01 / 31


在这里谨祝大家春节快乐,兔年吉祥。Happy Spring Festival, Happy Shopping on Bananafish Books!

书店书签设计 4

2011 / 01 / 05

Bookmark of Bananafish Books 4

书店书签设计 3

2011 / 01 / 05

We designed a new series of bookmarks for our customers.

书店书签设计 2

2011 / 01 / 05

We designed a new series of bookmarks for our customers.

[书店活动]香蕉鱼 X 台湾蘑菇

2010 / 12 / 15

即日起,购买台湾生活品牌蘑菇的任何产品(手帖,笔记本,布包,T-Shirt… …),送香蕉鱼蘑菇卡片一张。

香蕉鱼书店书签 1

2010 / 10 / 01

Bookmarks of Bananfish Books
书店书签设计 1