China Independent Photobook/zine Archive

2012 / 04 / 17

中国艺术家书籍目录由香蕉鱼苏菲编写,收录了活跃于艺术书和杂志制作的独立出版社和个人目录供大家了解这个领域中的最新动态。目录会不断更新,并且目录所列书籍都可以在网站上直接购买。欢迎加入我们的列表。申请条件:可供售卖的摄影书和 zines。

Bananafish Books edited a page about China independent photobook/zine archive. We listed some selected titles that made in mainland China or made for Chinese photographers. hope this is a window for you to understand what we have been doing for artist books in mainland china. The page will update regularly.

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