New Arrival: Mineral Earth by Justin Waldron

2012 / 01 / 12

做了7本小小zine的Justin新年给zine lovers带来的惊喜,他的little zine突然长大了。一本超大的手工书,自己缝制,想象他在京都的老房子的工作室里,一针一线缝出100本书的样子,我就觉得这个大男孩真是太可爱了,是啊,得有多么纯真的心才能一直保持着手工做书的喜好呢?12月的冬日,和爱人的西藏旅行。国内仅在香蕉鱼有售。

Mineral Earth, an oversized, handmade zine printed in full color on a fine japanese pearl-pigment paper. 24 pages of film photographs captured on a journey through tibet in the wintery month of december. Only available in Bananafish Books in China.

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